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View from another lens

Posted on 2007.09.04 at 00:12
Current Mood: creative
Current Music: That's All - Genesis
meryddian came to my penultimate performance of Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding on Sunday and she brought along her camera. She took dozens of photos and has generously agreed to let me reproduce some of my favorites right here. Terrific work Mery!

Joe as Tony, reading his speech during the chapel ceremony.

Jaclyn as Tina, reading her speech. Comparing the two photos, can you tell that this whole “speech” thing was Tina’s idea?

Jen as Marina, Kelley as Donna, and Susan as Connie during the chapel ceremony.

Kelley as Donna and Vinnie as Dominic prepare to toast the bride & groom.

Cheryl as the mother of the bride, singing “Lazy Mary.”

We always pull a woman out of the audience and serenade her with the song “Just a Gigolo.” Seen here are Jonathan as Sal, Chris as Father Mark, Matt as Barry, Joe as Tony, Vinnie as Dominic, Peter as Mr. Nunzio, me as Vinnie, and Paul as Joey.

Mery took a few shots in black & white, to very good effect. I think these shots have an impact that simply wouldn’t be there in color!

Perhaps some people would consider this a failed shot – background glare, people out of focus, etc., but I think those elements serve to give this image a tremendous emotional charge – the excitement, noise, and motion jump right off the screen! That’s Victoria as Sister Terry, Jaclyn as Tina, and… well… probably some other cast member.


meryddian at 2007-09-04 05:30 (UTC) (Link)
actually the ones I posted in B&W I didn't take in B&W, but the composition of the shot I liked - I just couldn't salvage them in color. So I thought hmm I wonder if B&W would work... voila. I like the last shot for the reasons you mentioned... lot of energy and enthusiasm and happiness in that moment. The blurry guy in the back is Tina's brother (Joey?).
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