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A few pix from the last day

Posted on 2007.09.07 at 00:13
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As I mentioned in the entry below, I took a few photos on the occasion of my last TnT show.

That’s me as Vinnie Black, Vince in his very first appearance as the father of the groom, Mr. Nunzio, and Diana as Maddie. Diana left the show a couple years ago and it was a great treat to have her there for my last show!

Like I said, it was a great treat to have Diana there. I believe these gentlemen from the audience would agree wholeheartedly!

After the show, most of us went over to O’Brien’s for food and refreshments. It was a terrific send-off. I couldn’t decide which of these two shots I liked better, so – what the heck, here’s both of them!
Seeing the bearded Matt at the head of the table, I just thought of a caption for these shots from O’Brien’s: “The Last Supper, if the apostles had been allowed to bring a date.”

You know, as I survey the panorama of lovely ladies shown here, I wonder if I must be crazy to walk away from all of that. The answer, of course, is yes! Yes, I am crazy! Just so you know.


(Anonymous) at 2007-09-07 09:46 (UTC) (Link)

the first picture

was there a retard foundation reunion at that show
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