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A poem for the season

Posted on 2005.12.20 at 13:54
Current Mood: busy
Current Music: Cold as Ice - Foreigner
Party 05

December wind assaults his eyes
But he’s pressing on today.
Peeking just enough not to slip
Or be in some vehicle’s way.

A cabbie curses at the man
Who dares to cross the street
Who slides unsteadily upon
The dress shoes on his feet.

There’s somewhere that he needs to be
That isn’t work-related.
It’s simply friends and food (and warmth!)
That’s being celebrated.

“You’re kidding! I’m the first one here?”
“Relax and grab a plate.
I’m sure that all the others
Are just fashionably late.”

She’s right – the rest arrive and enter,
Shaking off the frost.
Except for 1 or 2 who have to call
Because they’re lost.

Now at the table a meal is shared
And smiles are passed around.
All that you may hear combines
In a single happy sound.

“Remember when the three of us-”
“I still see Art and Mary”
“The Bears are going all the way”
“I can’t eat eggs or dairy”

“That chandelier is beautiful”
“Why don’t you sing that song?”
“They shoulda broke up years ago”
“My therapist was wrong”

But dishes now are gathered up
And coats and boots appear.
A sad but satisfying moment
Closing out the year.

We’ll see each other other times
When temperatures are warmer
And stuff ourselves with wine and food
(And too much of the former!)

But that’s all in the future,
Which isn’t guaranteed.
What matters is we’re here today
And that is all I need.

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