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The Planes! The Planes!

It’s been a while since I’ve taken AOL news to task, but nothing gets me going quite like egregious grammatical errors. Hey, I’m not perfect; I’m sure many an English professor would despair of some of what I pass off in this journal. BUT – we’re not talking about me. We’re talking about (presumably) professional writers whose work is seen by millions. Here is today’s example:

Forget about the headline; I don’t give a toss about O.J., and the headline isn’t the problem anyway. It’s that last line that peeves me: “Planes Crashes in Thailand.” Geez! I mean, it would be bad enough to find that phrase in the body of an article, but screwing up a 4-word article title? Pathetic!

For the record a plane (that is, one plane) did indeed crash in Thailand, killing nearly a hundred people. Also, I checked AOL a few minutes ago and found that they had changed the word “Planes” to “Plane.”

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