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Brain Cells on Parade

Plenty of room down front

22 January
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I was born in Detroit, the 3rd of 8 alphabetically named children. They tell me that for the first year+ of my life, I wouldn’t eat and I cried all the time. Then one day, I stopped crying, started eating . . . and never stopped. To this day, food and laughter are on the short list of what gives my life value.

At some point early on, I began to talk. This activity has come to occupy a great deal of my time, particularly when the topic of discussion is myself.

Let’s see, what else can I tell you . . . I want to know how the world works. To me, the most fascinating part of this world is the human beings that cover its surface. It is they about whom I wonder and puzzle and theorize the most. Sometimes I try to gather information proactively, by asking questions. More often, though, I collect my knowledge in a less direct manner, observing and seeing what people might reveal or share if given the opportunity. But enough of that – this is a bio, not self-analysis.

I am very proud of that disparate group of people I call my friends. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, ages, colors, and flavors. Some of them even read this journal. For that, I am very grateful. If you’re a friend of mine that I don’t know yet, welcome! Please feel free to introduce yourself, either through leaving a posting or sending me an e-mail. Or if lurking is more your style, feel free to keep operating in the background.

In any case, I hope you enjoy these little fragments of my brain that have landed on your screen through this journal. I offer only this one small caveat – while you may certainly take anything you read here as a true expression of myself, be aware that you are not getting a complete or balanced picture of me here. There are many topics I would never address in this journal, that I might address in great detail if this were actually a private diary. I suppose that’s true of most online journals or blogs, but I feel better knowing that I said it out loud (well, I actually just typed it, but if you’d like to read it out loud, be my guest).